Web Statistics 2014–2015

12 May 2014 – 11 May 2015

These reports present a selection of the data available to us through Google Analytics, and were compiled for the Annual General Meeting of Music Centeral held on 12 May 2015. They provide a breakdown of traffic to the Music Centeral website over the course of a year, from 12 May 2014 to 11 May 2015. Comparisons are with the previous period 27 May 2013 to 26 May 2014.

During the course of the year the website received 2004 visits from 1735 visitors, making 3356 individual page views. This is a significant increase on the previous year, when the website received 1153 visits from 912 visitors, making 2357 individual page views.

The reports are presented as PDF documents.




This report breaks down the number of visitors by city. Last year, London topped the list, with Aberdeen second. This year Aberdeen has fallen to fifth place, behind Edinburgh, London, Glasgow and Paisley. Sao Paolo delivered 45 visits, with other Brazilian cities high on the list.


Here we see what visitors declare to be their language. The majority declare US English, with GB English coming second. This might be explained by people buying computers set up for US English and never bothering to change them to GB English. Interesting to see one sixth of visits come from Brazilian Portuguese speakers.


How long do visitors stay once they reach our website? You might be shocked to learn that over 75% of our visitors stay on the site for less than ten seconds. It is reassuring, though, that many stay for several minutes, indicating either that they are actually reading the information, or perhaps that they've gone off to make a cup of tea.

Browser & OS

What combination of browser and operating system do our visitors use? As last year, Chrome is the most popular, followed by Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Many others appear in the list, including mobile phone browsers.

All Traffic

How do people find our website? This chart shows how many came via search engines ("organic"), and how many from links on other websites ("referral"). The entry "(direct)/(none)" indicates visitors who either typed the web address explicitly, or had already bookmarked the site. From the referrals in this chart you can see clearly which other websites are delivering visitors to our site through effective links, and by elimination you can work out who isn't and perhaps should be.

Organic Search Traffic

A bit more detail on those who arrive via search engines — what did they actually type in the search engine to find us? Most of those near the top of the list are entirely predictable; some of those near the bottom are quite mystifying.


Which pages on our site did people look at? These are listed by page title, so "Music Centeral", the most popular page, is the front page.


This report allows us to see how much traffic we generate for other people's websites through our links.

Web Statistics

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